Tracks Tower



Package Includes

  • 2 x Catnip Wall Ball
  • 1 x 3D Fish
  • 5 pcs Silver Vine Catnip - Natural Toothpaste

  • Durable toy consisting of three levels of exciting play, each level includes its own circular track and ball.
  • Non-skid pads keep track from sliding as cats bat around.
  • Spinning and rotating action of the balls entices cats to play.
  • Great fun for both single and multiple cats.
  • Measures 9.8″ diameter x 5.5″ high.

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With this track tower, your kitty will never lose another ball under the couch. This interactive toy encourages extended playtime, with three exciting levels as colorful balls spin and roll around. It’s great for multiple-cat households and suitable for independent play, as it allows cats to enjoy action-packed fun even when you’re not at home. The stacked play station is built to last and features non-skid pads, so it won’t move about as your kitty scampers around it.


Why Do You Need Tracks Tower?

  • This innovative Tracks Tower keeps your cat entertained while giving them the physical and mental stimulation they require.
  • Cats love to play around. Play helps them release their energy and focus their attention on the toy, instead of on your valuable furniture.
  • Track tower especially helps young kitties, which have lots of energy. The toy engages them in playful activity, focusing their energy and keeping them entertained.
  • This Track Tower comes really handy if you have more than one cat. Multiple cats will tend to stick to each other around the Towers Toy, out of mutual interest.


Key Benefits

  • Tracks Tower keeps your cat entertained, engaged and playing. Suitable for one or multiple cats.
  • Rest assure both the tower and balls are completely non-toxic, safe and made from eco-friendly materials.
  • This toy is sure to make your cat happy and healthy, as he engages in stimulating physical and mental activity!


  • Material: Propane polymer.
  • Size:  9.8 x 5.5 x 6.2 Inches.
  • Include: 1 x Track Tower toy.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fun toy for kittens!

My cat just loves this toy and we have fun watching her. This has quickly become her favorite plaything ever and she has quite a few different toys. She is 10 years old but still acts like a younger kitty. The price is excellent and I'm happy with the quality. She's fairly large at 12.5 pounds and this toy has never come apart or tipped over.

Definitely worth buying

This toy is wonderful! Our daughter's cat instantly started to play with and goes back every so often to play more. The balls roll smoothly around and really keep the cat entertained. I would happily buy this again.

My kitten adores this toy!

Took seconds to put together! It comes mostly pre-assembled. My kitten plays with this daily and for a long time each time. I can even add additional balls [with bells] for added fun. He has managed to get the balls out, but that's just more fun. They are easy to put back in. I also put a treat in the middle of it sometimes and he enjoys getting it out.

Kitty loves it.

Great toy with many important qualities. Very smooth, no rough edges. Goes together easily, balls go in easily. Sturdy enough not to scoot around when the kitten is playing and climbing on the toy. Very smooth motion, the balls fly around the center with even a small kitten's tap. Nice sound, not too loud. Pretty colors. And the kitten loves to play with the toy, goes back to it often. Not sure how this compares to others similar, but I'm glad I bought this one.

Fabulous toy for your cat!

Very easy to assemble and a great price. Both of my cats (4-year-olds, 14-19 lb Maine coons with giant paws) LOVE this toy. I was just extremely happy to see them play with it the first day, but it has been over a week and they are still crazy about it.

Still fun for all

have 8 cats so I was hoping this would at least keep some of them interested at times. It has surpassed my expectations. All 8 cats play with it. I’ve now had it for about a month and each day the cats take their turns with it, even without prompting. My cats are young but getting big. I’m happy to see that they are so interested in this toy. Overall, I highly recommend this, especially for the price.


My cat LOVES this. I honestly was not expecting her to like it as much as she did. She started playing with it as soon as it came out of the box. There was no warm-up period like there normally is with her new toys. I highly recommend this toy for cats. There's even a nifty little safety bar so she doesn't get her head stuck in the middle.

Kitties Love Their New Toy

My cats have really enjoyed this. I especially got it for my year old cat that is very energetic, to keep her from getting bored while I am at work. The minute I got it out of the box, she became fascinated by it and played with it non stop for about an hour. To my delight my fourteen year old cat, who doesn't play that much anymore, has shown an interest in it as well.

Interested, disinterested, interested again...

Well, I love it because my cat loves it. After the first week or so of playing with it numerous times a day, she kind of lost interest for a few days but then went right back to it. That's been the pattern - play with it like crazy, lose interest, become interested again, play with it like crazy... She usually lies on her side and uses one paw to push the ball on one tier, the other paw on a ball on one of the other tiers, and she manages to get all three balls spinning at the same time. That keeps her interested for at least 15 minutes each time she plays with it. It was worth every cent.

My mature cats often stare at any toy with disinterest ...

My mature cats often stare at any toy with disinterest. This toy really got their attention and they return to it daily for play. Hopefully their enthusiasm will continue.

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