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  • 2 x Catnip Wall Ball
  • 1 x 3D Fish
  • 5 pcs Silver Vine Catnip - Natural Toothpaste

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  • Grooming gloves are excellent in removing furr and dead hair from your pet. By gently grooming the pet, hair sticks to the gloves and peels off easily and quickly.
  • Kitty Fur Gloves are flexible with adjustable wrist strap for a comfortable fit, which helps ensure you to groom all the body part of your pet.
  • It provides a healthy massage to your pet with its smooth texture and soft fabric which is good for blood circulation that keeps your pet healthy and delighted.  
  • Fur Gloves are made from high quality silicon that are lightweight, washable and easy to clean.

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These gentle, soft, toothbrush-like-textured gloves allow you to remove excess pet fur and provide a healthy massage to your pet. Gentle stimulation of your cat’s skin blood circulation will leave your kitty delighted and calm.

Keep your furniture and home fur-free, as getting rid of excess fur will become effortless. Your house will remain tidy, reducing fur-related allergens in your home to a minimum.

The Kitty Fur Glove is made from smooth fabric, which is washable, lightweight, easy to clean and doesn’t harm either you or your pet whatsoever. The glove features an adaptable velcro wrist strap which provides a great fit, for comfortable and convenient use.

“I’ve been dying to try these for my long-haired cat (who sheds SOOOO MUCH). Well, I tried it immediately and my cat (kiki) loves them as much as I do! Removes so much more hair than the wire grooming brush I normally use. The gloves are very easy to clean and as you can see in the picture, they pick up a lot of hair. This is a staple for summertime shedding season!!!”
~ Krista Brent

Why Do You Need Kitty Fur Glove?

  • Bring your pet’s shedding to a minimum by removing dander and excessive fur.
  • No more excessive fur on your furniture, carpet, car’s interior or on your bed.
  • The Kitty Fur Glove further helps in promoting blood circulation, so your pet remains healthy and delighted.
  • Fur-free home means keeping fur-related allergens to a minimum.
  • Fur is removed very easily. Save tons of time while grooming your cat, and watch him put with happiness as all excess hair is removed in no time.
  • This glove will give your pet a soothing massage, aiding you in calming your pet and keeping him happy.

Key Benefits

  • Removes all dead fur from your pet’s coat and keeps your pet clean, tidy and looking great.
  • The breathable backside of the glove provides good ventilation for easy and comfortable use. Suitable for many types of pets with fur coats.
  • Made from soft silicone material, lightweight, washable and easy-to-wear.
  • The super-smooth fabric helps promote your pet’s skin blood circulation.
  • Super-easy to gently groom your pet and clean him from shedding fur.
  • High-grade silicone material, making it perfectly safe for you and your pet.
  • The adaptable velcro wrist strap fits on your hand comfortably.
  • It can be used on both dry or wet fur.


“I ordered these as an alternative to brushing, which my cats hate. I didn’t think they’d really be as good as the photo shows but figured it was worth a try. Boy was I blown away!! I got 4 gloves full off of a single short-haired cat. I’m in love with these! Now I need to get the other cats used to them… “
~ Rebekah Troy


Color: Blue
1 Pair of Multi-function de-shedding Gloves
Material: Premium safe silicone
Size: 9.4″*7.1″ (L*W)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the glove washable?
Kitty Fur Glove is made from a washable silicone material. Once it gets dirty, you can simply wash it in your sink as often as you like, and have it ready for later use immediately.

How do you clean the hair off the glove?
Simply peel off the thick layer of fur that the glove collects. It will come off as a heap of fur. Once you are done with removing the fur off the glove, you can simply wash it, which makes it as clean as new.

Can the glove be used on different pets?
Yes, this can be used on virtually any pet that has fur or sheds fur and dander including cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses.

Can I use this brush while bathing my pet?
Absolutely, this grooming glove can be used while bathing your pet. It helps to distribute shampoo all over your pet’s body evenly, provides a good skin and fur rub and wash, removes excess dirt and trapped small debris. Remember, when bathing is finished please wash the glove with soap in warm water and let it dry.

Are these gloves large enough for a man with big hands, like-really big hands?
It has an adjustable velcro wrist strap which will provide great fit on almost all hand sizes comfortably.


1- Simply open the package and take out the Kitty Fur Glove, and wear it in your hand. The glove is flexible and easily fits in your hand, thanks to the adjustable velcro strap.

2- After wearing it, gently stroke your pet, while grooming and removing excessive fur.

3- Once you are done with grooming, simply peel off the fur and wash. Your pet will be feeling and looking great!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Works much better than wire brushes on cats! One of my two cats isn't too fond of brushes, but he's very content being groomed with this glove. One minute with it collects more loose hair than the two brushes I have get with much more time. Faster, more effective, and more acceptable to the animals... this glove is definitely a winner.

Cat owner's best friend!

I have a long-haired Maine Coon mix who has been having a lot of hairballs lately. Using a typical cat brush is usually pretty difficult and he does not appreciate being brushed, especially when there are tangles. This glove makes it such an easy and enjoyable task for everyone. Not only does it remove at least twice as much hair, but it also is so much easier to clean than a brush, the fur really does just peel right off!


I was very reluctant to purchase this item because I never had good experiences with online pet hair removal items. However, I have changed my mind since I have bought this. It is amazing, awesome, fantastic all the names in the good book. The material used is nice thick, the fabric is durable, elastic stayed on wrist tight. I have 3 cats, their coat now looks soft, shiny thin.... lol. All bad hair is gone, when I first put it on to try it on them, they got scared and hissed at me but only one time I have been using it constantly when I have them in my lap, or my belly while watching TV and before bed. Buy it u will ❤️ love it. Excellent 5 stars and more.
Thank you


Love this!
I have a cat that sheds like crazy! Used this glove on her and combed off so much loose hair, I could make another cat!
And all the while, she loved it, purring like crazy.

I chose this one specifically because it has individual fingers as opposed to the other mitten-like style. I feel this style is more comfortable and less intimidating for the kitty.

Pet Lovers MUST Have

I have 2 long haired cats and they always like to be petted but not always brushed. This glove was loved by both cats, within 10 seconds of using it. I can even use it on their tail and the under body area. The BEST part is that the hair "peels" right off. I bought more for gifts. Great product! and it's made so I can use it with both my hands. Velcro around wrist is a nice idea!

I highly recommend these gloves

I highly recommend these gloves. They are perfect for grooming your cat or dog. My babies prefer these to be brushed. The gloves also work on removing hair from my sofa, blankets, and clothing. I wish they fit my hand snugger like regular gloves but that doesn't interfere with the grooming.

4.0 out of 5 starsWorks great, some fur released into the air

It was amazing the amount of hair that came off of my two short-haired cats. The one loved it immediately, the other cat needed a little convincing but she likes it now. The hair doesn’t all stick to the glove, a lot gets into the air, so I groom them on the porch.

Cats like it more than brushes

I have two cats, a long-haired Ragdoll and an American Short Hair (pictured). I was brushing them with a conventional cat brush, with metal brushes tipped with rubber, and they both got annoyed with it after only a few seconds and would squirm away. Both of them like the glove much better, because it feels more like I'm just petting them normally. I can brush each of them for a couple of minutes at a time without them getting annoyed now. I will say, it does seem to work better on my long-haired cat than on the shorthair.

Highly Recommended

I have a 3-year cat and he sheds like crazy. I already have a bunch of de-shedding tools, but my cat hates everything. To my surprise, it seems he liked it! He even allowed me to rub his belly. And it really works well in removing excess hair, so I would recommend to any who owns a skittish pet.

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