Active Feather Teaser Cat Toy

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Package Includes

  • 2 x Catnip Wall Ball
  • 1 x 3D Fish
  • 5 pcs Silver Vine Catnip - Natural Toothpaste

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  • Busy cats are healthy cats. This toy provides hours of exercise & amusement. It keeps your cat busy and active, burning off extra energy and fulfilling his chasing instincts.
  • Active Feather Teaser engages your cat into hunting activity in a playful way. You will be shocked to see how agile your cat can become, by a simple shake of this toy around the room.
  • This is made from high-quality plastic which is guaranteed to last, with a great feather design for many hours of play.
  • Best gift set ever! Great as a holiday or birthday gift for your cats.

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Active Feather teaser is designed to have super-fun play and quality time with your cat. Made from durable plastic, which will last for a long time, this toy provides hours of activity and laughs. It keeps your cat engaged, nimble and alert. Make sure your kitties burn off excess energy and steam, after long periods of lying around. Can be a great holiday or birthday gift for both cat and kitty parents.

Super cool! My cats love it. Great quality, flings around really easily, just like a bird flying around. It drives my cats mad! They love to chase it both until exhausted. Every day I find them sitting there, waiting for me to pick up this toy again. I’m just about to order a few more. Excellent value for money.”
-Katie Devin”

Why Do You  Need Active Feather Teaser Cat Toy?

  • Cats by nature are predators, so it’s necessary to fulfill their innate hunting instincts for them to feel happy and calm.
  • This toy engages your cat in chasing activity in a playful way. Have your camera at hand! You’ll be surprised at the acrobatics your kitty performs when trying to catch this toy.
  • Instead of letting your cat have his own way with your furniture or other valuable belongings, focus his energy on the Active Feather Teaser. Guaranteed to minimize destructive feline behavior.
  • Engaging your cat with this teasing toy in a playful way will keep it fit and healthy.

Key Benefits

  • Active Feather Teaser Toy is designed for interactive play. Quality time for you and your cat.
  • Bright feather colors tempt your cat to pounce around and “hunt” the feather.
  • Great for special bonding time with your beloved pet.
  • This toy is made of high-quality materials. It’s perfectly safe for both pets and kids.
  • Premium-quality plastic can withstand your cats continuous batting around, even for those rough players out there.


“This is by far the best cat toy I have ever had, and that is not in any way an exaggeration. I’ve had lots of cats throughout my life and been through hundreds of different toys, and I’ve never seen a toy that made my cat this happy and is so durable when booting around.”
~Jenna Lan


  • Material: Plush + plastic.
  • Color: Sent in random color.
  • Package includes: 1 * Teaser toy.
  • Size: Pole – 17.7 inches, string – 22.04 inches, feather – 7.0 inches.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Highly Impressed

I'm so impressed with these toys! They are strong materials almost like a real mini fishing pole and the string is a high weight fishing line. The attachments are easy to clip on and also seem durable.

5.0 out of 5 starsMy cats' favorite toy.

They love this thing! Every time I get it out they come running. All they have to do is hear that bell on it. They are even asking me to play constantly. These types of toys make playing with your cat easy and fun.

Exciting and sturdy!

The first test was a complete success! Two of my three cats were all over this toy in seconds. The third is a bit of chicken and watched curiously from a distance. I love that the fishing line is bouncy, really moves the attachments to catch their attention. And the handle is long, which is wonderful for catfishing. ;)

Cats actually loved it!

I have a senior cat and a kitten. They both absolutely loved this toy! I actually have fun using it, and I think it is one of their favorite toys I have bought so far!!! Even I enjoy using this toy because it actually gets them to distracted for a while.

Older kitty likes playing again!!

OMG!!! Best cat toy ever!!!! My kitten got bored with other toys like this, but this one she loves!! I

Cat loves them

Our cats really enjoy these toys. Some prefer the feathers, others adore the fuzzy worms. They all come running to the sound of the bells! What is unique is the "fishing pole" stick because it bends and flicks up the toy so the cats can often play by themselves.

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