Cat Treat Tumbler



Package Includes

  • 2 x Catnip Wall Ball
  • 1 x 3D Fish
  • 5 pcs Silver Vine Catnip - Natural Toothpaste

  • Cat Treat Tumbler makes it ultra-fun for your kitty to bat around while little treats are dispensed.
  • With its bright colors, this toy will draw your cat’s attention and reward him for being active.
  • Great for relieving anxiety and stress, when you go out and the cat is all alone.
  • Made up of high-quality material, very safe and sturdy
  • The top hanging bell rings when cats play with the tumbler, adding to your cat’s interest and engagement.

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This cat toy reduces boredom and destructive behavior through healthy play. Funny shape and delicious snacks attract the attention of your cat. This helps in developing and maintaining your cat’s alertness and chasing instinct.

Cat Treat Tumbler is super durable, non-toxic and washable, completely safe for both pets and owners. The creative Cat Treat Tumbler design makes your cats healthier through play and exercise. It will be the best toy for your cats to play with. This interactive toy is easy to open to add food or treats, and very easy to clean. Hand wash each part with warm, soapy water, rinse and dry before filling.

Why Do You Need Cat Treat Tumbler, Cat IQ, Tumbler?

  • Cat Treat Tumbler makes it ultra-fun for your cat to entice his chasing instinct.
  • Your cat’s curiosity and physical alertness will be maintained, as your cat prances around the tumbler in excitement.
  • Gives you free time while keeping your pet occupied and happy, without you having to do anything to catch your cat’s attention.
  • Playing around with this toy will keep your cat active and provide exercise, reducing the chance of obesity and lethargy.
  • This Cat Treat Tumbler toy stimulates cats’ hunting instincts, and will make them chase it with excitement, as they pursue their “prey”.

Key Benefits

  • This Toy Cat Treat Tumbler reduces boredom and destructive behavior by promoting healthy play.
  • Tumbler design makes your cats healthier through play and exercise.
  • Increased interest in the ringing bell will focus your cat’s attention on the toy.
  • The bright colors of this toy will draw your cat’s attention and reward him for being active.
  • Cat Treat Tumbler lets your cat play by himself without you having to do anything.
  • Leave your cat home alone and stay worry-free, as your feline entertains himself with safe, fun and active play.
  • Made of high-quality material, very safe and sturdy design.


  • Type: Self-automated feeder.
  • Material: PC / ABS / Iron.
  • Number of food servings: 1 Bowl.
  • Life stage: Good for all life stages.
  • Size: 4.7 x 2 x 2 inches.
  • Net Weight: 0.05 lbs.
  • Package includes: 1 x Pet Cat Treat Tumbler.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the item durable?
Cat Treat Tumbler is made up of high-quality ABS Plastic, which is not only sturdy but also safe as a Cat Treat Tumbler.

Is this item easy to use?
It is super-easy to use the Cat Treat Tumbler. All you have to do is twist the lid and simply fill it up with your cat’s favorite snack. That’s it! Now simply place the Food toy in front of your cat.

Can the toy be used by different pets?
Yes, this can be used by virtually any pets including cats, dogs, and rabbits.


  • After you unbox the package, take out the Cat Treat Tumbler and rotate the lid in an anti-clockwise direction.

  • Place the snacks inside. Make sure not fill it up too much, so that the snacks inside have a little bit of space to move around when tumbled.

  • Press down firmly to cover the lid and rotate clockwise.

  • That’s it! Place the tumbler in front of your cat, and watch as the food is dispensed out of the small hole at your cat’s whim.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fun for kitty

My cat is loving this little treat holder toy. It has a little bell inside to keep the cat interested when it is batted around. There are little cut-outs on the sides that you can put treats inside. Kitty enjoys while playing with the toy and eating the treats.

Fantastic for my cat.

My kitten uses this a lot, keeps her amused, it only took a day for her to figure it out

Cat loves it

It appears to be a favorite treat dispenser - my cat loves it, instantly went to it and rolled it around.

My cat gets on it immediately

I put some treats inside the ball and my cat immediately gets on it. He is a smart boy so the treats were emptied quickly, but after that he still plays with it. This is amazing. My cat barely interested in toys but he apparently likes it.

Interactive toy.

Great product, interactive and our cat love this! We use it as a “treat” with a little extra food for her. She used to kinda rock it, now she knocks it around knowing what her work will give her. We really like the activity it takes. This is a great product!

Make my cat busy.

One cat loved it & was able to empty in minutes. There are two holes for treats to fall out. Although this is a cute treat dispenser. It was according to my expectation it also keeps the cat busy.

Tiny but mighty!

So, this is a very handful toy! Really is meant for a kitten. HOWEVER; if you have a food that tends to come in small bits, this toy is great! Overall, a solid toy. Hard plastic, end caps stay on tight.

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