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  • Better Control: Cat Harness gives you full control over the movements of your pet without any pain or discomfort to your cat’s fragile trachea and throat. It works by applying safe pressure on his chest, preventing pulling and choking.
  • Comfortable Material: This cat harness is made from high-grade breathable air mesh which is suitable for all seasons. The lightweight and soft texture have no hard edges to irritate the cat’s skin.
  • Escape proof: The plastic closure with velcro on the neck ensures your cat is secure in the vest and prevents your cat from escaping.
  • Easy to adjust: With the ability to adjust both at the neck and chest, you can securely fit the harness. Dual adjustable options allow the harness to easily and comfortably fit your cat.
  • Perfect Size: Select the appropriate size for your pet according to the attached size chart.

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Cats need to release excess energy and the best way is to exercise. Taking your cat outdoors is a great way to give your cat the activity that he needs to stay fit. When taking your cat outside, however, you need to make sure he stays safe.

This unique cat harness keeps your kitty safe and comfortable when walking, hiking or while participating in any other outdoor recreation. Unlike a leash which attaches directly to the cat’s neck, this cat harness covers your cat’s entire collar, which will be both safer and more comfortable.  Your cat will be able to freely walk or run beside you, for great quality time with your feline pal.







“I have indoor cats who like to try to go outdoors. The rare chance they get, they try to run off. Now they can occasionally go outside to explore. The harness fits both my cats, who are about 14 lbs. Seems to be comfortable and allows free movement and exploration. I’d say my kitties are happy. The velcro closure makes it easy to put on and take off. The velcro is strong enough so that they can’t breakaway. There is an additional clip, which goes around the neck, for extra security. It’s a good harness.”
~Michael F

Why Do You Need Cat Harness?

  • Cat Harness helps you control your cat while outdoors. This will prevent him from running off and putting himself in harm’s way.
  • After some time, your cat will get used to the harness and will walk beside you freely.
  • Cat Harness ensures your cat stays safe and right beside you, while you go out walking or jogging.
  • Taking your kitty out with the Cat Harness allows him to enjoy the great outdoors while minimizing all risks associated with going outside.

Key Benefits

  • Cat Harness is made with easy-to-secure velcro, which adjusts perfectly to your cat’s contour.
  • The harness is made from a soft mesh material that doesn’t suffocate or overheat your pet.
  • Cat Harness is super light with comfortable soft polyester.
  • The super-light adjustable mesh keeps your cat secure and feeling light. It does not hurt or chaff when walking and running, thanks to the padded vest.
  • Plastic closure around the neck prevents the cat from escaping while remaining cozy and unrestrictive.
  • Well-fitting harness that will keep your kitty safe when walking, hiking and participating in other outdoor recreation. Great for lots of safe quality time with your cat.


“I am so impressed with the quality and design of this product! I plan to buy a second one for my other, more skittish guy. The reflective strip is great and I love that it comes with the leash too!”
~Courtney Kenneth

How to Measure a Cat for a Harness?

Properly measuring your cat is the only way to ensure a perfect fit. If the harness does not fit correctly, your cat may be uncomfortable and will be more likely to escape the harness.

To measure your cat, use a flexible measuring tape to measure just behind the front legs (girth).

The measuring tape should be snug against your cat’s body, but you don’t want to make it too tight while squeezing your cat. Once you have your cat’s measurements, check what size of harness your cat should wear according to our size chart below.


  • Item Size: XS/S/M/L/XL.

  • Item material: Nylon and polyester mesh.
  • Item Color: Blue/black/red/gray.
  • Item is suitable for: Cats and small dogs (depending on size of dog).
  • Package Include: 1 * vest harness and 1 * nylon leash.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this item long-lasting?
    Cat Harness is made from high-quality nylon plus air mesh, which is very durable and will hold for years to come.


  • Is It uncomfortable or heavy for small cats?
    The Cat Harness is made from a soft mesh material that doesn’t suffocate nor cause overheating. It is super light thanks to the soft polyester, and your cat will feel great with it on.


  • Can I use it on different pets?
    Yes, this can be used on different pets including cats, dogs, and rabbits.


  • Can my cat get out of this while performing routine activities such as walking, running & quick stopping, stretching front legs out & pulling backward?
    The Cat Harness comes with a velcro strap which adjusts perfectly to your cat’s body. It’s not possible for your cat to get out unless you deliberately open the velcro.


  1. Figure out what size harness your cat will need according to the size chart above.
  2. After receiving the package, open and take out the cat harness.
  3. Place the harness on your cat by fitting your cat’s paws and legs through the leg openings in the harness.
  4. Check the fit of the harness and tighten the velcro strap.
  5. Let your cat adjust to wearing the harness.
  6. Perform any activity as you would like with your cat normally.


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Reflective, Breathable, Adjustable

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Perfect fit and easy to put on.

Really cute harness and the velcro in the front portion of the jacket made it much easier to put on my cat than the buckle harnesses. Fabric is good quality and fits perfectly on her.

High-quality harness for a great price.

My cat enjoys wearing this harness, allows me to take her outside and not have to worry about her running away when in it. The material is soft and doesn’t pinch under the armpits and appears to be washing machine safe.

Wonderful cat harness.

The harness is very secure. I had another harness for my cat, and she got away from me. Good thing we were in our backyard and she is afraid of loud noises. This harness is wonderful and easy to put on. I love it and I think my cat loves it too.

Super cute & easy

Just love this harness and leash. We ordered this for our two cats to start taking them out with us, it is very easy to place on the cat (as long as they do not fight the process) and fits snuggly but not tight. We have tried this on both our girls (one is very petite and other is a bit heavy) and it worked great with both, they couldn't wiggle their way out of it. I am very pleased with this harness.

Cute, stable, comfortable

My little dude has a ton of energy and I felt like he wasn't fulfilled enough just being inside. I can take him onto my roof with this and he loves it. He refused to walk with it on the first 2 times, but he was still purring so I knew he wasn't hurt. Now he jumps all around and climbs. He's associated it with going outside now, so he lays down to let me put it on him. Can't wait for summer so he can hang out outside with us Thanks to this! Will be buying the same one in the next size up since he is still growing.

Cat's favorite harness

This is the best harness I've ever used. I tried two on my cat for comparison - this one in red and a strappier one. This one proved to be more secure - they can't break out of it - and also more comfortable (kitty responded more calmly in the harness ). For reference, my cat is 1 year old and weighs 10lbs. He fit an XS perfectly.

Cute and comfy!

This seems like a comfortable harness with a soft and padded material. Purchased the XS for my cat who is 7-8 lbs and measured ~8" neck and ~13" girth. I like the buckles because it makes it easy to take on and off. My cat doesn't try to pull out of the harness so far and is just getting used to walking with it... seems secure though.

Great for my cat.

My Tigger loves it. He loves going for walks and needed a more comfortable harness. It works great. I didn't have any trouble with him putting it on because he wants to go out. His is an extra small and fits just right.I'm not sure how escape proof it is because he is already harness trained. We both love it.

Well made!

I bought this as a trainer harness bc my cat keeps attacking my other cat. He is very jealous and goes after the other one all the time. This stops him from chasing her down. So far so good, he is unable to do that with the harness on. Well made harness and easy to use.

It's great!!

We love it! They haven't escaped, although our cats haven't really tried to get out. We trained them to wear this by making them wear the harness during dinner. We did this several times then the cats got used to it!
We like this a lot because it's quite easy to make them wear this.
Cats look comfortable in ti. We like the extra clip on the neck so it's secure.

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