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Package Includes

  • 2 x Catnip Wall Ball
  • 1 x 3D Fish
  • 5 pcs Silver Vine Catnip - Natural Toothpaste


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  • Soft and Comfortable: Padded bottom and plush sides are ultra-soft and comfortable.
  • Provides Warmth and Protection: Plush material and cave design surround pets in warmth.
  • Satisfies Hiding Instincts: Provides pets with a safe, secure place to hide and rest.
  • Cute and Unique: The unique banana-shaped design and bright colors stand out.

Finally, a cozy, comfy and warm spot for your furry kid! The Banana Bed Cat House is the perfect hideaway for your cat. With this super-cute cat bed, there will be no more hiding the cat bed away when guests come over! Its plush interior provides warmth, comfort and comfy support for cats of all ages. This banana-shaped bed is also great for small-sized dogs.

Why Do You Need the Banana Pet Bed?

The Banana Pet Bed provides your pet with a cozy and comfortable place to sleep while also meeting its needs for safety and security. The plush materials and padded bottom will keep your pet warm while the cave-like design makes this bed the perfect hideaway.

If you’re tired of finding cat hair all over your furniture, the Banana Pet Bed could be the perfect solution. Once your pet realizes how comfortable it is, they won’t want to sleep anywhere else. With a bed of its own, your pet will be less likely to take out its frustration on your furniture, shoes, and other belongings. Simply choose the appropriate size and place the bed where your pet likes to sleep. It won’t take long for your pet to test it out and once it does, it may never come out!

Key Benefits

  • The Banana Pet Bed is made from plush materials and generously padded to cradle your pet in comfort.
  • It features a cave-like design to satisfy your pet’s instincts to find shelter and safety.
  • Keep the top flap open for air circulation or close it to create a warm and cozy den for your pet.
  • It comes in four different sizes and colors so you can choose the perfect one for your pet.


  • Materials: Plush fabric
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Colors: Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right size for my pet?

Measure your pet’s weight, height, and length then refer to this size chart to choose the best option:

  • Small – Up to 3 pounds, 15.7”x6.7”x4.3”
  • Medium – Up to 6 pounds, 21.7”x7.9”x5.9”
  • Large – Up to 11 pounds, 26.7”x9.8”x7”
  • X-Large – Up to 22 pounds, 35.4”x11.8”x7.9”

Where should I place the Banana Pet Bed?

When you receive the Banana Pet Bed, place it next to your pet’s current bed or in a location where it likes to sleep. Your pet will become curious and come check out the bed.

How do I clean the bed?

Spot-cleaning is recommended for the Banana Pet Bed. You may be able to machine wash it on the gentle cycle but do not tumble dry – let the bed air dry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Perfect kitten bed!!!

Got this and LOVE it!! High quality ❤

A very appealing product

This banana is well-made, super cute and fun for my cats. The younger cat loves jumping in and out of it and especially enjoys when I hide a little toy inside for him to find.

Comfy peel for your fur baby.

My cat loves this banana peel. He sleeps in it all the time. When he is being playful he will attack the point. I am happy with the purchase.

Good quality Bag.

Beautiful item and the quality is so good. My cat loves sleeping inside. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a cat.

Highly Recommended

It's so cute! my cats love it. the top has Velcro so you can have it half opened or half-closed.
I got the size XL since they aren't kittens anymore and my 2 cats can fit inside perfectly together 

Cutest Bed Ever.

My kitty loves it!! I bought the extra-large and it’s more than spacious enough for her to grow into!! Super soft and so snuggly!!

Great Deal

I bought it for my 6-week-old kitten, and she loves it. It’s warm and comfortable, she constantly sleeps in it. Seems to be made out of quality materials!

My kitty always in it.

I put some catnip on it and he loves it, he’s on it all the time. I don’t know how durable this thing is but it seems comfy and it’s cute. I'm really happy with this purchase.

Oh my god it's cute

My cats love to sleep in it, it's super cute and the quality is pretty decent. I love it as a novelty item, and one of my cats in particular has claimed it as her own and won't let my other cats touch it.

You won't regret buying this...

I purchased this banana cat that house because I had just adopted a newborn kitten. I had researched kitten toys food as well as overall kitten care and kept stumbling upon pictures of adorable kittens inside of this cat bed. I have to say that I wasn’t quite sure whether or not she would become attached to it… However, she naps inside of it every single day! Plus the picture opportunities are endless! The banana comes with a Velcro flap that can hold half of the bed open or, you can leave it un-Velcroed and the kitten can still climb inside through the partially opened banana. She is currently 3 pounds and three months old and fit inside the medium banana beautifully. You will not regret buying this cat bed for your fur baby.

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