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Package Includes

  • 2 x Catnip Wall Ball
  • 1 x 3D Fish
  • 5 pcs Silver Vine Catnip - Natural Toothpaste

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  • Automatic cat play device based on the idea of simulating a hunting experience using moving objects.
  • Interactive toy for both kittens and older cats.
  • Helps to keep your cat nimble, fit and mentally stimulated – improves wellness and happiness!
  • Anti-Skid feet to keep the toy in place on smooth surfaces like hardwood, floors and tile.
  • Great for both daytime and night time play.


“It’s a very solid cat toy. It makes my daughter laugh each time she
watches the kitties playing with it at her great grandma’s house. I strongly recommend this product for all cat lovers. You won’t be disappointed. The reliability and high-quality of the toy together with the fun moments it will bring you are priceless.”
~Nicole M

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(based on 689 reviews)
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Why Do You Need Automatic Cat Teaser?

Cats need frequent stimulation to be happy and healthy. The automatic cat teaser is a high-quality innovative pet teaser toy, which is made from durable materials. Rest assured it will last for a long time, even for those rough players out there. It will provide endless fun and entertainment for your cats, keeping them busy while enjoying hours of play.

“Got this as a gift for my furry, four-legged child. He seemed to like it. Never walks away and always plays with it. Very happy kitty.”

Key Benefits

  • Your cat’s natural instinct is to hunt, and the Automatic Cat Teaser keeps your cat’s attention focused on the unpredictable mouse movement pattern.
  • Four adjustable speed settings keep your cat interested and allow it to fulfill its natural instinct in a playful way.
  • Playing with the Automatic Cat Teaser serves as a fabulous indoor exercise, by keeping your cats active as they chase a moving electronic mouse around a circular path.
  • This interactive Automatic Cat Teaser will stimulate even those cats that are immune to toys, without you having to entertain them. They can play entirely on their own.
  • Made from high-quality material, so it lasts for a long time and can easily stand up to pouncing and rough play coming from multiple cats.


“This is probably the best toy for cats. My cat is ridiculously immune to any toy that doesn’t have me attached to the other end. Nope, he can’t play by himself – ever!
Cats are finicky animals, but mine is finicky even for cats. Even though this toy worked for my cat, and he is playing all by himself.”
~Lee Friedel


  • Dimensions: 12″ L X 12″ W X 2.8″ H
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs.
  • Color: White.
  • Material: ABS Plastic.
  • Automatic teaser base with anti-skid feet to keep it in place.
  • Electronic mouse that moves around the track.
  • Unpredictable movement. Simulates a mouse’s real movement.
  • Four-speed settings.
  • Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How loud is it?

Automatic Cat Teaser uses a DC powered motor which barely makes noise. The noise level is well within 40 dB which is barely audible and doesn’t cause any discomfort at all.

  • Is this good for big cats?

Automatic Cat Teaser is built using high-grade ABS Plastic. Because of its build quality, it can easily withstand even large cats pouncing over it with great force.

  • Is it battery powered or does it use an adapter?

Automatic Cat Teaser uses 3 AA batteries. It’s portable and safe as it doesn’t connect to the wall outlet.

  • Can it turn on automatically if we aren’t home?

No, it doesn’t and it only stays on for 10 minutes after you press the power button.

  • Can my cat’s paws get caught in it?

No, Automatic Cat Teaser is designed with safety in mind, to keep your cat’s paws protected. The edges are smooth and if somehow the cat inserts his paws inside, he can easily release it without getting hurt.

  • Will my cat get bored with the toy after a while?

The best part about this toy is that the mouse moves in an unpredictable way. This stimulates your cat’s natural instinct to hunt and chase prey. Your cat will stay engaged whenever you place the toy in front of him.

How To Use Automatic Cat Teaser

It literally takes 3 minutes to set up the Automatic Cat Teaser and have it ready for your cat to play with. All you have to do is:

  1. Place 3 AA batteries and press the button on top to start the toy.
  2. Place the toy in front of your cat and don’t forget to grab your camera or cellphone. You don’t want to miss this moment! Be sure to record what happens next – as your cat prances around the teaser in excitement. This is not only amusing but also a healthy and playful activity for your cat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Our cat loves this

It’s very hard to find a toy our cat will want to play with. He started playing with this one instantly. He didn’t even give me time to put batteries in it before he started playing with it!

Keeping kitten busy

I got this for my daughters' kitten who has way too much energy. My older cat wasn't sure about it and I think that was more of a noise thing but given time I'm sure he would have enjoyed it.

Cats mesmerized by it.

Fantastic. My cats love love love this toy. I highly recommend this toy. Lots of entertainment for our cats and for us watching them. It's very sturdy and well made. Our cats have caught the mouse numerous times and it doesn't break.


We had purchased a similar item previously that we had determined was too noisy for the cats' liking so I was hesitant to try this new product but it had good reviews so I took a chance and was so glad I did as the cats love it! Whenever I'm trying to get some work done at the desk and bored cats come looking for attention, I just turn it on and they flock to it.

My Cat is Crazy in Love with This Toy!

She can turn it on herself! She plays day and night for weeks now! It is pretty quiet. It really tires her out! A great buy! She cannot stop playing and falls asleep holding it. The older cat likes to watch! Thank you!

Highly recommend this toy for kittens and cats of all ages!

This is the most durable, battery-operated interactive toy I have purchased (I have six different types). It is very appealing to cats as it simulates hunting, with the mouse going in and out of the tunnels and moving sporadically. I particularly like the timer which automatically shuts the toy off as cats have short attention spans and so the batteries don't run out the first time I turn it on and forget it (I, too have a short attention span).

Perfect toy for the playful kitties.

Very stimulating product. Fantastic toy. For the curious kitty, it will provide endless amusement. Highly recommend.

My Cat turns this toy on himself !!

This is an amazing toy. One of my Maine Coons couldn't care less. The other turns the toy on by himself !!! I hear the mouse grinding back and forth at all times of day and night. Electronic toys should be able to be turned on by the cat. This one is the top when it comes to that.

My cats adore this!

My cats love this! It was very inexpensive and it is holding up well, even with one of my cats being rough with it. I also like the fact that it turns itself off. Thanks for a great product!

Our kitten LOVES it!

Toys are hit or miss for each cat but luckily my kitten can go at this for 15 minutes at a time, multiple times a day! It saves my ankles some bite marks for him to use his energy on this toy, would definitely recommend!

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