3 Directions Cat Tunnel

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Package Includes

  • 2 x Catnip Wall Ball
  • 1 x 3D Fish
  • 5 pcs Silver Vine Catnip - Natural Toothpaste

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Give your cat plenty of playtime with this great tunnel cat toy. Offering an interactive escape that allows your cat to explore, hunt and hide, this tunnel provides endless hours of entertainment. Collapsible design makes it easy to fold up and put away when not in use, and the built-in dangling ball adds even more entertainment for your kitties.

  • Interactive tunnel toy engages your cat’s natural instincts of running, crawling, and stalking in pursuit of prey
  • Great as a safe place to store toys or as a cozy spot for your cat’s daily nap
  • Durable, with metal wiring for extra support
  • Easily washable
  • Nylon tunnel folds down in seconds, making it easy to store and transport

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This cat toy is not just a tunnel, but also a hiding spot, lookout, and a place to sleep too. This interactive toy engages your furry pall’s natural instincts as he runs through it in pursuit of his “prey”, or practices his feline stalking skills. He might also use it as a safe place to keep his favorite toys or a cozy spot for an extended catnap. It’s easy to set up and folds down into a flat circle that’s compact and super-easy to store and transport.


Why Do You Need the 3 Directions Cat Tunnel?

  1. Pets are curious and need a way to release their energy. The 3 Directions Cat Tunnel helps them fulfill their curiosity with hours of fun and playful activity.
  2. Your cat needs activity and exercise to stay healthy. Apart from being amusing, this unique toy helps your cat engage in playful activity, which allows him to exercise and stay fit.
  3. Your cat’s natural instinct is to hunt. With the 3 Direction Cat Tunnel, you only need to open it and put the swinging bell toy inside. Your cat can then play independently. It also provides hours of exercise & self-amusement.
  4. It gives you free time while keeping your pet occupied and happy, without you having to do anything to catch your cat’s attention.
  5. Running in and out of the tunnel toy lets your cat feel the thrill of pursuit and keeps him alert and focused on moving, instead of lying around and not doing anything.

“This cat tunnel is great! I have bought a few other things like this in the past, but this is my favorite so far. First, it has 3 tunnel entries, whereas most other products just have a single one. One of the sides has a ball with a bell in it that the cats can bat around. One of the tunnels has a “crinkly” sound, which is fun to listen to when they walk through it. I have 3 cats with different personalities, and all 3 of them were checking it out and playing in it after having it out for only about 5 minutes.”

~Amanda Blake.

Key Benefits

  • Engages your pet in hours of curious playful activity and exercise, which helps your cat stay healthy.
  • Your cat’s natural instinct is to hunt. The 3 Directions Cat Tunnel stimulates your cat’s catching instincts and lets him unleash his innate instincts.
  • Gives you free time while keeping your pet playing independently and exercising without you having to do anything.
  • This cat toy tunnel can be opened in a few seconds, and can be easily folded using the elastic band provided to facilitate storage and travel, so you can enjoy it also while traveling with your cat.
  • Made of high-quality environmental polyester fabric. It is tough and resistant, meaning it can withstand pounding and abuse by heavy cats.
  • Easily brush the high-quality polyester fabric for simple cleaning. In case of any spills, you can use water to wash this toy. It is super-easy to keep it clean.



“We got this for Pixie our bunny! It took her a bit to get used to it, but now she is obsessed with it! Clever design, with the middle “peep through” hole! She pokes her lil head through it and we laugh so hard! She HAS to go through the tunnel no matter what, to go anywhere! She even started pushing a big ball though it! Hilarious!”

~Samantha Moss.


  • Product Dimensions: 31.5” x 21.6” x 9.8”
  • Product Weight: 0.7 lbs
  • Material: Double-layer polyester fiber with metal wire
  • Includes swinging bell toy
  • Features peep hole in middle

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this toy safe for my cat?

This toy is made of high-quality environmental polyester fabric. This Polyester Fabric is non-toxic and perfectly safe.

  • Does it get dirty and is it washable?

Thanks to the high-quality polyester fabric, in case it gets dirty just use any regular brush to clean it. In case anything spills on it, you can use water to wash the toy. It is super easy to keep this toy clean.

  • Is it big enough for my cat?

The dimensions of the 3 Directions Cat Tunnel are adequate even for big cats.

  • How much space does it take up, can I pack it up when not in use?

This tunnel is designed with elastic straps, and it can be folded within seconds for easy travel and storage. You can carry it around easily for on-the-go entertainment, and keep your pets happy and active even when away from home.

Additional information

Brand Name


Toys Type

Pet channel




polyester cloth, short plush


Two/Four-way type, Y type, T type

Folded diameter

about 28cm / 11.02in

Caliber diameter

about 25cm / 9.84in;

Name of product

collapsible pet channel



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cats absolutely love it!!

This was probably my two adopted kittens' favorite toy that we bought for them; they absolutely love it. Not only can they play in it, but they also hide in there when guests initially come over and they get a little nervous. It's also a nice place for them just to escape everyone else and sleep.

Awesome cat toy. A must have for all cat lovers.

My cats absolutely love this kitty tunnel. They run through it and chase each other, hide and jump out on each other and just play for hours in this thing. I like that it is not huge and 5 feet long like other tunnels. It has the little hanging ball in one opening and a middle opening for cats to pop out of. This is a cat toy that all cat homes should have. My cats will even sleep in this thing and it gives them some security when we have new people visit.

My Cat's Favorite

This was a replacement for the one I purchased from a different retailer almost 2 years ago. This amazing tunnel is part of our play routine several times a day. She loves stalking things from inside and pouncing when they get close.

Not just for cats!

Not just for cats! I have a small (2lbs) Yorkie puppy. I wanted a tunnel for her but the dog tunnels were way to big. I saw this one and thought, hey why not! So, she loves it! This has given us hours of entertainment.

Most entertaining purchase of my life

I recently rescued a puppy and quickly realized he liked burrowing. He loves being under the couches and the ottoman so I just figured he may like a tunnel. I had no idea how much he would love it! It is hilarious watching him dive bomb into it and turn it all around.

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