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  • Cats need frequent stimulation to be happy and healthy. This 3D Fish toy engages your cat in the playful activity.
  • The catnip smell can help in relieving your cat’s stress, as well as aid in maintaining oral hygiene, by gently massaging your cat’s gums and teeth.
  • It will provide endless fun and entertainment for your cat, keeping him busy while enjoying hours of play.
  • The simulation fish looks like a real fish, enticing your cat to play with it and unleashing his innate instinct to “hunt” the fish.
  • Fun and safe activity for your cat when staying home alone.
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Swimmingly FUN!
Krista Allen

My Kitties LOVE this fish!!! They toss them into the air, push them down the steps and are having a lot of FUN!

Super Cute and Realistic.
Brianna Arthur

My munchkin cat loves these! It looks so funny when she carries them around because of how realistic they look.

Your cats will be thrilled
Stacy Raymond

Your cat will love these. Immediately upon opening the package, my cat took hold of the goldfish and couldn’t stop clawing and chewing it. He loves it!

Kitty fascinates with this cute toy!
Susan B.

These fish are pretty nice. Good for gnawing, kicking, and cuddling. The cat would’ve preferred to play with these toys for hours.

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  • The 3D Fish is a high-quality pet toy, which is made of long-lasting materials.
  • Made from cotton and short plush, it’s soft and safe for cats’ paws and teeth.
  • Rest assured it will last for a long time, even for those tough chewers and players.
  • Catnip will help in maintaining your cat’s oral hygiene by gently massaging gums and reducing plaque buildup.
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