How to Pick a Toy for Your Cat

Any cat lovers searching the market for toys for their feline friend,  hope to get a toy that their cat will love. No one wants to get a toy that will end up un-played with in the corner of a room. How many cat toys end up in the garbage or get thrown out when someone realizes they are not safe or suitable for their cat? The answer is a lot.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right kind of toy for your cat:

Pick a Safe Toy: Not all cat toys have been tested properly for safety, and you want to ensure you are choosing high quality cat toys that won’t get stuck in their throat or lose parts quickly and become a choking hazard. You also want to choose a toy that is age-appropriate, as smaller cats cannot handle some of the toys you might get for your larger cat. Toys that are too heavy, hard on the teeth or made with substandard parts or toxic paint could be dangerous to your cat.

The Right Type: Not all toys are meant to be played with alone by your cat. Some of them are designed to be interactive, and you need to know the difference and have at least one of each kind of toys. There will be times you want to play with your cat and times you will want your cat to play by himself, and you ought to have the right toys for each case.

How the Toy Moves: Toys move in different ways when they are batted around by aggressive players. Your cat is probably going to treat the toy as though it is prey, but will the toy move like prey? You may want to test it out to see how it holds up to getting tossed around. Your cat may lose interest in it fast if it doesn’t move in an interesting way.

Durability: You should also get a toy that is worth the money you put into it. Cheap toys don’t tend to last long, and high quality ones will feel like a good investment. If you can’t hold the toy in your hand to test its durability because you are buying it online, then you can at least read the item description and see what it is made out of. You can also check reviews to see what others have to say about the toy and its level of durability.

Keeping these considerations in mind, getting a toy your cat likes is super-fulfilling. You’ll have a great time with your four-legged friend, and your cat will love you for it!