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  • Encourages natural instincts to pounce and chase.
  • Helps reducing plaque buildup and helps relaxing your cat.
  • Features: Lovely Cat Design, multiple colors, soft, contains soothing catnip.
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This Catnip Cute Doll is made of plush cotton and catnip. A delicate and engaging toy for your cat to play with and relax. This great toy will bring your cat a lot of joy and will keep him occupied when you are not at home. An excellent choice for pet owners who need amusement for their kitty when away from your feline.

“If you’re looking for a toy to keep your cat both entertained and blissfully happy, this is the toy for them. Just make sure if you have more than one kitty that you buy one for each of them. They will be happy and you will be entertained, it’s a win-win.”
~ Kendra Javier


  • Kittens require continuous stimulation to be satisfied and fit. Catnip Cute Doll enables your cat to play with it, while at the same time exercising, releasing energy and relaxing.
  • Cats can smell the scent of the catnip when playing, which gets them both engaged and interested in playing with the doll.
  • Catnip can make your cat happy and relieve your cat’s anxiety and stress.
  • This vivid toy will bring your cat a lot of pleasure and help him feel less bored when you are not at home.
  • Help your cat clean his teeth while chewing this. Helps fight plaque buildup.


Key Benefits

  • This adorable Catnip Doll is made of superior cotton material.
  • The toy is soft and will not harm your cat’s paws or gums. Completely safe for your little feline!
  • It will grant unlimited fun and enjoyment for your kitty, keeping him busy while enjoying hours of play.
  • Rest assured it will last for a long time, even for those rough players.


“Our cats really like these. They seem to like the length because they can kick at it with their back legs the way cats do. Super cute and more interesting than other plush toys I’ve seen.”
~Ariana Andres


  • Color: Brown/ pink/ yellow/green.
  • Material: Premium cotton + catnip.
  • Size: 4×2 inches.
  • Package Includes: 1 x Catnip Cute Doll toy.