About us

It all comes down to our love for pets. And lots of hands-on experience in raising cats, of course…
After spending years of smothering our beloved kitty cats with tons of affection, we at kitten parents have developed a healthy intuition for stuff that makes your babies feel good and happy. Striving to improve our cats’ quality of life, we set out to unite the entire feline-loving community under one roof. Why not spread the love, if all of our community members’ and their cats’ lives can join the party?
With that in mind, we bring you some of the cutest, nicest products and accessories out there. Not just because we liked them, not just because they’re a great bargain, but because they will make your kitty and you happier. And isn’t that what we all want, for our babies and for ourselves?
So, follow us for some sweet deals and great products for both your cat and you. Rest assured that everything we offer has been paw-tested, and is guaranteed to be purrrr-fect for your kitty.
Get some cute stuff for yourself as well! We know that treating yourself every once in a while to nice pet-related merchandise will strengthen your bond with your kitty. You’ll be a happier kitten parent, and your cat will love you for it. So go ahead and check what we have to offer. Happy kitty-parenting!