A new kitten can be an exciting responsibility to take on, but it is definitely a big responsibility and one that you need to prepare for. Here are the top 10 things you ought to know before you bring a kitten into your life.

1. They need lots of attention.
Kittens require constant interaction and care. That’s not just because they get into trouble and need help, but also because they want someone to play with them and keep them from feeling lonely.

2. If left alone, they will make noise.
That brings us to the second thing you need to know is that even though they are small, kittens can make a lot of noise. They can meow all night long if you leave them unattended and they feel afraid and lonely.

3. They need special food.
You can’t just feed kittens the same food that you give to adult cats. They need a specialized diet to stay strong and healthy. Do your research on the breed of kitten you have or talk to your vet about what to feed the new kitten.

4. They’ll need to be watched when you travel.
If you want to take a vacation somewhere, then you need to take your kitten into consideration. Who will watch him and will they be able to care for the kitten properly? These are things you have to consider when thinking about getting a kitten.

5. They need a place to sleep.
Kittens will need their own space where they can stay warm, feel safe and comfortable during nap and sleep times, whether they are outside or inside cats.

6. Some will have health problems from the start.
While you are probably hoping for a healthy kitten, you have to realize that some of them will not be healthy and may need regular care from a vet. Be prepared for that and consider buying pet insurance to keep your costs down.

7. Indoor kittens need training.
How will you ensure that an indoor kitten uses the litter box you have prepared? You have to train the cat yourself.

8. Kittens need toys.
Kittens have to be entertained if they are going to be mentally healthy, so make sure you have a few toys at hand for your cat to play with.

9. Your kitten will need a tag.
It’s possible that your cat will leave the house or property without you knowing, and a tag can be used to identify the cat and ensure it is returned to you.

10. There might be trouble with other pets.
Even though kittens are cute and harmless, other animals in your home might not feel the same way, and you have to be prepared to deal with the initial friction there.

Considering all of the above, kittens are a real joy and they can make your life much happier. So be sure to adopt one. The rewards of loving a cute little kitten are enormous, and a choice you will be happy with for years to come.

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